White Day


Today is considered a special day to young ladies in Japan who have been waiting for an answer since February 14.  A month ago, it was a day where girls were known to present homemade or store bought chocolate to their admired ones.  Those girls would get their answer today, March 14- known as White Day.

In Japan, White Day is a day where men give the ladies that gave them the sweet chocolates a white treat.  All the ladies who gave something will get a gift in return but the special one will get a box of white chocolate, or a small present that is usually white.  This act of giving a small white colored gift to a girl demonstrates that the guy returns the feelings of the girl whom he received chocolates from a month ago.  In Japan, this is considered an anticipating and exciting day for the girls who have someone in mind.

White Day was first established as a new holiday in 1978 in Japan.  The holiday was first started by the National Confectionery Industry Association to boost sales on marshmallows.  Many marshmallows were gifted on this new holiday but the Japanese did not seem too fond of these fluffy white treats so everybody eventually turned to giving white chocolates instead while keeping the original color of the gifts.

This holiday is still very popular and ongoing to this day, however, there are some changes to the traditional gift-giving from men.  These special presents not only include white chocolates, men can also gift jewelry such as necklaces or rings, or a small white clothing item such as a handkerchief.

What started out to be a new holiday in Japan has spread to many different areas in Asia.  Today, South Korea and China have also joined in this lovely holiday of gift giving and affection.  Many Japanese, Korea, and Chinese girls on this day, March 14, will be able to anticipate the most awaited answer from their crushes along with sweet white colored treats and gifts.

Submitted by Irene Lam

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