The most unexpected table manners around the world

94040778.thbGood manners always make for good impressions, no matter where your vacation plans land you. Just as Americans have different dining traditions and habits, the rest of the world has its own. Even though globalization and traveling have made all the dining protocols more lax in several countries, and locals may understand if you make a mistake. We should all make an effort in becoming more culturally aware and respectful. Here are some of the unexpected table manners around the world.

France: It is considered rude to cut the lettuce in salad. In many European countries, salads are meant to be folded and eaten with a fork. You should keep both hands always visible, otherwise guests can assume you’re playing with the legs of your dinner companions.

Brazil: Always overdress for the occasion. Showing up to a dinner or event in style is always admired, so avoid underdressing.

Mexico: It is actually ok to be late. It is considered inappropriate to arrive early or on time in most social circumstances. Always aim to be 30 minutes late in social circumstances, since your host is very likely to still be getting ready for the event,

Bulgaria: Do not bring yellow flowers to your host as a gift. In Bulgaria, they symbolize hatred.

England: Bananas should be eaten with a knife and fork. This custom dates back to the late 19th century, where a banana was viewed as an exotic treat.

Germany: It is considered rude to cut potatoes with a knife. Potatoes should be smashed with the fork to allow more room for more gravy.

Japan and Korea: It is considered offensive to tip after a meal since it is seen as begging.

Austria: Make sure to make eye contact with every person you clink glasses with during toasts.

Tanzania: It is considered rude to drink beer straight from the bottle. It should always be poured into a glass.

Italy: When it comes to pasta only, you don’t have to wait for everyone else to start eating. You can dig right in once you’re served. For other dishes, you must wait until everyone received their food.

Portugal: It is considered an insult to bring wine to a hostess.

Egypt: It is considered an insult to salt food. The person who cooked the meal will be insulted since he or she intended for the food to taste the way it does. Also, it is customary to keep pouring tea into a cup until it spills over into the saucer.

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