How to Cook the Best American Hamburger

Learn How to Cook the Best American Hamburger


My first hamburger in the United States was from the McDonalds in Detroit airport when I first arrived in the USA. During that time, I only ate a little bit of that hamburger and threw it in the garbage can, because the taste was very different from the hamburgers served in the McDonalds in China. However, I adjusted my taste to the American way very quick. I have tried many kinds of hamburgers served from different restaurants within one year after I threw my first American hamburger in the garbage can. Now I am in love with American hamburgers. I am very interest in cooking, so I wanted to try to make hamburgers by myself. I did some research on how to make a delicious hamburger. I found that each part of a hamburger has some very strict requirements for making the best hamburger. Therefore, I will fully explain what makes the best hamburger and how to make it.

Use a Skillet

A skillet is the best cooking tool for home made hamburgers. Use a hot skillet to cook hamburgers rather than use a grill. A skillet can collect beef grease when cooking. Collecting beef grease can protect beef’s natural flavor to make hamburgers even more delicious.

The Best Size of Hamburger

For most hamburgers, 7 ounces is enough to meet people’s demands. For those hamburgers over half-pound, it can be difficult to heat the inside of the hamburgers.

The Best Beef for Hamburger

Using the chuck steak with 80 percent meat and 20 percent fat is the best ratio for beef in hamburgers. If possible, choose a butcher to grind the meat, because the pre-ground supermarket chuck steak can lead to a mushy mouth feeling. And the hamburger meat is best to cook cold, so keep the meat in the refrigerator until it’s time to cook it.

The Best Bun for Hamburger

The type of bun and the bun-to-burger ratio are significant for a good hamburger. A potato bun is the best choice for hamburgers because it can provide people both a soft mouth feeling and a sturdy platform for the meat. The bun-to-burger ratio means the buns used should not overwhelm the burger.

The Cheese and Condiments

Choosing great cheese and condiments can make hamburgers even more delicious. American cheese is easily to melt than Cheddar and Swiss, so it is good to dress the meat. For condiments, ripe tomatoes and cold lettuce are significant to hold the juices of the meat.

How to Make a Hamburger

Place meat onto the skillet and cook meat with its own grease. After 90 seconds, season the meat and flip it over. Then add cheese on it and it will finish within several minutes. After this, place the meat, lettuce and other condiments inside two potato buns. Pay special attention to not overdress the hamburger with condiments and make sure the whole hamburger can be held.

I like to try different things, face new challenges and learn new things. I usually dig into projects or assignments that I need to finish, and I can complete them very well. This is why I learned how to make a delicious American hamburger.


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