Going out for Tapas!


Spanish tapa is known to be a great experience that many tourists, who visit Spain, seek out and which many Spaniards enjoy daily. Tapas is one of the most famous Spanish traditions that consists of eating small cuisine dishes in-between meals. Served in many bars around Spain, tapas has become a whole new experience of sophisticated cuisine designed to encourage conversation. Since tapas meals are served much smaller and to accompany drinks, people are not focused on eating an entire meal and instead are focused on each other. Tapas is not really a certain type of food but more a way of Spanish eating.

The tradition tapas originated from ancient times, as it is thought that many taverns had small plates of bread and meat slices that were used to act as lids and were placed on top of mugs and glasses to keep out dust and insects. As taverns began to notice an increase in sales of alcohol, tavern owners began to create more snacks to be enjoyed with drinks. Another reason for tapas popularity is that people would eat tapas in between meals to satisfy hunger since it is a Spanish custom to eat dinner late, around 9-11pm.

There are four typical types of tapas plates that can be chosen: cold, fried, sauce based and warm. Tapas are made from both animal-based and agricultural products: anchovies, beef, cheeses, cocktail onions, dry nuts, meat, mackerel, sardines, squid, tuna, and vegetables.

 Some common tapas dishes are:

  • Aceituna olives, sometimes with a filling of anchovies or red bell pepper36679343
  • Chorizo al vino: chorizo sausage slowly cooked in wine
  • Mejillones rellenos: stuffed mussels, called tigres(“tigers”) in Navarre because of the spicy  taste


If you do a google search you can find plenty of Tapas restaurants in the area and multiple easy to do recipes.  I highly recommend trying it, you won’t regret it!

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