FunAbroad Program


Learn more about the FwFL FunAbroad Program

The FunAbroad Program provides opportunities for families to learn Spanish in various ways. Two options are available:

• Option 1: Parents and children will be grouped in small Spanish language classes separately. The program includes family cooking classes and Latin dance classes. Additionally, families will have the opportunity to visit beaches, ecological parks, coffee farms, and other cultural locations that provide an inside view into the many wonders of this country.

• Option 2: Youth aged 13 years and above are enrolled in Spanish immersion camps where the students will stay with a host family, attend Spanish language classes, enjoy many cultural field trips or choose a sports track where in addition to Spanish classes, the camper may choose to participate in soccer or SCUBA training, or choose a service track (camper must be at least 15 years old) where the focus is on community service (working with kids or in construction).

The FunAbroad Program is generally available from June-August.  For those with travel flexibility who are interested in traveling other times of the year, please email us at or at 443-616-7343. 


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