1. Why should my child learn a foreign language at such a young age?

2. How much time will it take for my child to speak a language fluently?

3. What if my child is having difficulty learning the material?

4. Are there classes offered during the weekdays?

5. How much do the classes cost?

6. What is your refund policy on group and private classes?

7. Are there discounts available if I want to enroll more than one child?

8. How qualified are the teachers at teaching my child?

9. What is the learning environment like?

10. What are the expectations of my child behaviorally?

11. What are the goals of the class?

12. How do I apply to become a teacher at Fun with Foreign Language?

13. Will other languages be added?

14. Can I purchase a gift card for someone?

15. What opportunities are there to study abroad?

Please contact us at info@funwithforeignlanguage.com or call us at (443) 616-7343 for additional questions.


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