Different meanings of colors in different countries

37188837.thmThere are a lot of colors (visual light) that exist in our world. We know a rainbow have seven different colors, which are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet. However, do you know the same color in different cultures and countries have different meanings? I will introduce some meaning of colors in different countries in this article.



Western: Energy, excitement, action, danger, love, passion, anger, warning, Christmas when combined with green

Eastern: Prosperity, good fortune, worn by brides, symbol of joy when combined with white

China: Good luck, celebration, happiness, wedding color, festival.

South Africa: Color of mourning



Western: Caring and nurturing, love and romance, feminine.

Eastern: Feminine.

Japan: Well-liked by both male and female.

Korea: Trust



Western: Lucky color in most western cultures, spring, new birth, regeneration, nature, jealousy, greed, Christmas when combined with red.

Eastern: New life, regeneration, nature, hope

China: Nature, health, disgrace (when giving Chinese man a green hat indicate his wife is cheating on him)

Indonesia: A forbidden color.

Saudi Arabia: Wealth and prestige.

Ireland: Religious color for Irish Catholics



Western: Bride and weddings, angles, peace, purity.

China: Death and mourning, purity.

India: unhappiness, traditionally the only color a widow is allowed to wear



Western: happiness, hope, caution, cowardice

China: Scared, imperial (Only can be used by imperial household in ancient China), royalty, honor

Egypt: Color of mourning

Japan: Courage, beauty and refinement, cheerfulness.

Greece: Sadness



It is important to understand different meanings of colors in different countries, if you are planning to travel to these countries. Hope this article can help you have a new cognition of color.


Submitted by Peiran Zheng



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