Chinese Tea Culture


The practice of drinking tea has a long history in China. Chinese traditional culture is closely connected with Chinese tea. China is the homeland of tea, and tea has become the national drink. The origin of tea can date back to the ancient time. Tea culture entered it most prosperous period in Tang (618-907 AD) and Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).

Chinese tea is broad and profound. There are hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea. They can be classified into six basic categories according to the different techniques involved in process of the tea.

1)    Green tea

2)    Black tea

3)    Oolong tea

4)    White tea

5)    Yellow tea

6)    Dark tea

Chinese people give great attention to their tea and the way they drink it. People have high requirements for the quality of the prepared tea leaves, the water they use to brew tea and the wares they use to prepare and serve tea.

Tea plays an important role in Chinese social life. Tea is always offered to a guest immediately upon entering the Chinese house. Serving a cup of tea is more than a matter of mere politeness. It is a sharing of something enjoyable, and a way of showing respect to visitors.


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How to make Chinese tea:

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